Berlin-Brandenburg meets Luxembourg

On 29 and 30 January, a de­le­ga­ti­on from Berlin-Brandenburg vi­si­ted the Aircargo Center and the Intermodal Terminal in Bettembourg, Luxembourg, at the in­vi­ta­ti­on of the lo­gi­stics clus­ter Luxembourg.

Peter Effenberger (ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg) and Dr. Norbert Wagener (Wagener & Herbst) pre­sen­ted Berlin — Brandenburg as a lo­gi­stics lo­ca­ti­on and gate­way to Eastern Europe to an in­te­res­ted spe­cia­list au­di­ence in the IHK Luxembourg.

The de­le­ga­ti­on was very po­si­tively im­pres­sed by the fur­ther ex­pan­si­on of the Aircargo Center, a free­port for ar­ti­facts and a phar­maceu­ti­cal store, as well as the in­ter­mo­dal ter­mi­nal in Bettembourg.

The Bettembourg ter­mi­nal, in ad­di­ti­on to clas­sic KV trains, al­so pro­du­ces Modalohr block trains wi­th non-cra­neable se­mi-trai­lers in the South of France.

Berlin-Brandenburg meets Luxembourg
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